Giclée printmaking meets the highest quality standard for printing limited edition pieces on paper or canvas. Giclée (pronounced "zhee-CLAY) is a French word for "spraying" or "squirting" of ink on paper or canvas.

The process sprays microscopic dots of ink onto fine quality paper or canvas. On paper, the inks are actually absorbed slightly and blend to create fine art. On canvas, the process yields prints of stunning vibrancy and realism.

Giclée prints are gaining in importance and popularity because they are capable of accurately reproducing original art onto archival watercolor papers and canvas. Our canvas contains no optical brighteners like less expensive canvas. Giclée prints have the same look and feel as the original art but at a fraction of the cost of the traditional process of "printmaking".

BW FramedGiclée prints are ideal for reproducing true photographic images and for producing a stylized watercolor look on real watercolor paper. And, Black and White images look great on watercolor paper.

Mid-South Color Labs has invested in state-of-art Giclée printers. We use 10-color, archival-pigmented Ultrachrome K3 inks that provide print life exceeding 80 years, even 100+ years.

Our Giclée printers are tied in with our color management system that assures that the range of colors and tones that you see on your profiled monitor will be what you see in your print. Or that the negative and print that you submit will be faithfully reproduced.

Giclée printmaking from Mid-South takes printmaking to the next level.